Have you decided to buy KU for your multimedia projects?

Congratulations on your choice.

It really is the decision that takes a true professional digital artist (or who aspires to become one).

In addition to the technical abilities you need to use the best equipment on the market.

And in this regard KU is the best.

Because it combines unreachable performance with a price lower than competing products.

In fact you are about to buy the first and only multimedia player specialised in projection mapping.

The advantage of using KU instead of a competing player is included in 3 main features:

  1. Anyone can use KU, is very simple. KU has only one function, that is to play your projection mapping projects. STOP.
  2. No one can ever present you a product that is more convenient than KU. Create your project and load it in KU, then bring your PC home.
    You stay at home and KU will work perfectly (in conjunction with the video projector) leaving your client amazed.
    We challenge you to find a product so convenient and practical for your projects.
  3. It costs you less than the other tools you already use (or any device you are thinking of using for your projects).
    This will also allow you to bid favorably for some of your customers and get commissions that previously you could not get because the excessive cost of the equipments.
    KU reduces up to one-third (1/3) the reproduction costs of a permanent projection mapping installation.