Projection mapping

KU was born thinking about permanent projection mapping installations.

I refer to all the installations where the work to do is to play a content.

In my career I cannot count the times when I used extremely complex and expensive software to do this: play a loop movie.

Museum installations, shops, decorations for events. Every time there was to do a projection mapping with a simple content I was forced to get out these complex and cumbersome softwares. Hidden computers in walls and signal transports that always cause problems. All translated into huge costs, which transform the light decoration into something that costs too much for what it is.

But with KU and LED projectors things have changed. Now you can think of projecting simple and effective contents, delivering your message to your users with imagination and creativity at the right cost.

Installation with KU is simple, just get the power to the projection point and KU can be installed directly there, alongside your video projector. You need just a 50cm HDMI cable to carry the signal and you will make all the settings from your computer, comfortably in front of your projection area.