Have you received KU and you do not like it, you are not comfortable with it or simply you are not satisfied?

You do not have to give us any explanation.
Ask for your refund now, you have 30 days.

All you have read is true.
You can relax. If you ordered KU and for some reason it is not the product you thought to have bought, do not hesitate to return it.

It is fine.
You may have purchased something that is not suitable for your needs.
Within 30 days you can see if it is the product you were looking for, otherwise you can return it.

We want to deliver KU only to digital artists who will use it for their works.
And we really want that it simplify his work, give him an economic advantage and ultimately make his life easier.

Very well if you are that person.
Make the purchase with all the peace of mind and safety of this World.
You will always have a kind refund, within 30 days, from the moment you bought it.

Remember that buying KU is:

  • easy (very simple to use)
  • convenient (the most inexpensive on the market)
  • safe (we offer you two product warranties)

If you have never heard in the industry a product that offers you all these advantages, you just have to take the most logical step.
Buy KU.


In the utmost case that you want to use the satisfaction warranty, the only costs you will have to bear will be those related to the shipping for returning KU (which are at your expenses).

Other than that you will have an immediate and complete refund of the purchased device.