Show Business

Already prior to the launch, we knew very well that you would have come, users working in shows, theater performances, fashion shows and concerts.

I know the industry very well, I still work, and I know that KU has the potential for low budget production. It is definitely not the instrument suitable for musical or dancing shows, where the reaction speed and the need for adaptation are at its best.

It is suitable for small theater performances. The perfect example is the dance show with a video backdrop. The task is simply play videos with a synchronised audio. Often, very complex machines are used to tour these shows. Because the video projector may have to be in the control booth and it is not always possible to project straight from the bottom of the theater.

With KU it is possible, with the due precautions, to broadcast small shows such these one. It allows you to manage a playlist, adapt the image to your installation conditions and play the audio for your sound technician buddy. Obviously the pretensions can be the ones that one can have today from a Raspberry Pi.

As I am writing this text Stefano, alongside me, is working on the implementation of the OSC and the ArtNET protocol, which will allow you, show technicians, to control KU from your mixer consoles and/or from the devices that you already know how to use so well.