Who we are

After 10 years of experience we can provide you solutions that will make your job easier.


In our company we have a special approach.n our company we have a special approach.We tend to share with our customers what we have learned on the field.In fact we address and resolve the same problems that our customers face everyday.We have been working for over 10 years in the show business and permanent installations and we have been committed to find the most cost-effective solutions for our installations.We decided to share with our customers the results of our experience.

For this reason a specific case is KU.

But let us go with order, who am I that I write to you?

I am Marcello Pontalto. I am the founder and administrator of NiceFall, a digital interactive agency, born in 2011, specialized in projection mapping, lighting design and visual design.

At NiceFall our job is to create contemporary visual experiences.

We believe that technology is only effective if it generates emotions.

Basically, we provide technical support to the show business world. Therefore we talk about design, management and show control. Nowadays Stefano Piermatteo, a longtime friend, works with us.

It is thanks to our renewed meeting few years ago (after we lost touch) that the idea of KU was born. How?


To tell how KU born, I am going a bit back in time.

I am telling you exactly who Marcello Pontalto was.

I have always worked in the show business since I was 18 years old.

I have done everything. From country fairs to big concerts, from AV home installations to the prestigious task of working in the Tree of Life’s team at EXPO 2015.

So I can say that I have a remarkable experience and above all passion, in lighting technology with all the evolutions that have distinguish the industry over the years. One of these evolutions is precisely projection mapping.

In 2007 I was working as a lighting designer and already then I was dreaming that I could put pictures inside the light fixtures I was using in exhibitions and trade shows.

But this was a dream I kept on hold until 2014, the year I met again a longtime friend who had been away for an adventure in Canada.
I am talking about Stefano Piermatteo, who I mentioned earlier.

In NiceFall in addition to deal with services and events, some time ago we began to provide equipment and software to our customers.
Being specialised in projection mapping we have noticed a repeated problem:

The multimedia players on the market were always too complex and oversized for the needs of most of the client's permanent projection mapping installations (and also for us).

It was therefore a challenge we had and we wanted to address both to solve an internal problem and for our customers. Multimedia players were often really expensive with all those useless and unnecessary functions.It was therefore a challenge we had and we wanted to address both to solve an internal problem and for our customers. Multimedia players were often really expensive with all those useless and unnecessary functions.

So with Stefano we gave ourselves a goal, to realize a multimedia player that only did one thing and did it terribly well.

I mean the projection mapping.

So we chose the most popular Linux mini computer in the world, the Raspberry Pi, and we created the specialized projection mapping tool par excellence.

To this we gave the name KU.

It certainly was not easy. There were many challenges to overcome.

Also I have to say that we worked on this project in spare time, while we continued our work developing custom applications for events.

After two years, and a long period of work, in 2016 we finally got a functioning warping on the Raspberry Pi and we then sped up in order to develop the selling of the device.
We think that KU will mark a crucial point for the definite consecration of projection mapping.

Today even those who could not afford to work with projection mapping can do it, because KU allows to work on projects both the small professional (or semi-professional) of the industry and the more structured company.

KU represents the democratization of projection mapping.

Hopefully it can also give you a strong boost to your business.