Why buy KU?

We could giving you many reasons why you should buy KU. We have already provided you with some of them in the previous pages.

But we would like to make you think about another question.Why should NOT you buy KU?Think about it, do you have valid reasons for NOT DOING it?

We really want you to think about it.In the meantime, however, let’s try to really understand how our fantastic product can be useful for you.

Would you like to have more customers?

KU is the first tool specialised in projection mapping designed to lower the cost of permanent installations.
So in the past you may have missed many projects that you could not take just because your client's budget was not adequate to cover the costs.

With KU you do not need a computer that is stuck on the project.You do not need a person always checking that everything goes perfectly.

KU does this job.
It works smoothly and continuously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without performance falls.Thanks to this tool it will be very easy for you to get those customers that you did not secure because the too low budget (and because of the excessive high costs you had to pay for content playback).

Would you like to be more relaxed while working (and also in your life after work)?

What is the most direct competitor of KU?
It is the tool that you are currently using to play the project you have created for your customer.
Let's see the most famous examples, that maybe you are using (or did you used in the past):

  • A media server, software such as Christie (Coolux) Pandoras Box or Dataton Watchout. Both a the top levels for broadcasting projection mapping in events, installations and shows.
  • Specific VJ softwares such as Resolume Arena, Vdmx or Isadora. We are talking about softwares designed to stream as many video as possible at the same time and with as many effects as possible.

But what do they have in common all these softwares?

  • You always need at least one computer to run them, in some cases at least two.
  • They are designed for multi projection and synchronization of many outputs, not to do simple things.
  • Every computer must have a software license to operate.
  • They broadcast projection mapping but they are born as tools to do something else. So if you use them you're always adjust something very complex to do a very simple job.


Another possible solution you are using, if you are particularly sharp, is miniMAD.

A system very similar to our KU, with the only real and significant difference that it needs MadMapper to make calibrations. A license that would cost you no less than €1,000 (not exactly a low cost solution). Also the imposed workflow from miniMAD is much more complex, you have to know how to use MadMapper. Maybe you are interested in learning how to be a VJ? Probably not.

So to broadcast your work, in addition to a video projector, you will probably use a media player that will allow you to play and calibrate your content.

There are many options on the market, but if we were to generalize we could say that to replace the work done by KU you should use a PC with an installed software that allows you warping, scheduling (and maybe) auto starting.

But in that case do you realize that you will always have a PC that is tied up for every work?

It works operate this way, we are sure of it.

But how complex is your job?

If you're really good, you will start your work and play it automatically, overcoming all the obstacles that Windows, born for office use, sets, that is:

  1. You may have continuous automatic updates that may interrupt the video display.
  2. Find yourself dealing with defragmentations that are now useless and other dangerous system tasks.

Because of these worries you will always be there to constantly follow the project closely.

Or else you will let specialized staff to deal with the project at your customer's costs.

If you do not do this you will live in the constant fear that something wrong can happen.
And this, you do not like it at all. In fact, it neither does not allow you to work with peace of mind nor even allow you to live your private life with ease. You are always thinking about the problems that may happen from one moment to the next.

If instead you are well off, you can achieve your project using MAC based softwares, which are certainly more reliable.

But think about this, how valuable is your time?

It is because, if you think carefully about it, to use competing solutions and make sure that everything works autonomously you have to invest a lot of your time:

  • It means to spend time, reading hundreds of forums, to learn how to  configure the solution.
  • Then time spent to configure every new installation you make.
  • You will also dedicate time to explain to your customers how your super-complex machine works.
  • Even more precious minutes or hours are lost to fix all the problems that some of your geek customers can cause you (because they clearly never keep their hands off).

Would you like to work with a much simpler and easier device to use?

Why use tools with all those features that are not useful to you?
For example, why should you use a super complicated smartphone if you use it only to take photos?

This can be a perfect example in our case.
Using KU will be precisely suited to your reality.

The others can rely on to expensive smartphone, you will have a small but highly efficient Polaroid.

If we were to make a comparison, with KU you are buying a beautiful camera, a very pretty, simple and efficient polaroid.
Have you ever used it? If you buy a polaroid it is because you like to just take pictures and have them ready and printed right away.

All of our other competitors' solutions are instead expensive smartphones that have a lot of features. Of course they also take photos, but if you want to print them you have to go to the shop, hand them over and spend money to print them.

So it is a very clear choice.
For what purpose are you taking this purchase decision?
Only you can know it.

If you need so many complicated functions, KU is not the product that is useful to your needs.

On the other hand if you would like to make permanent projection mapping installations in a simple and efficient way (with a small budget) then you absolutely have to buy KU.

Would you like to go from semi-professional to be a true projection mapping professional?

Maybe you still are a beginner, you have few customers because of the high costs and the little authority you have in the industry.
So the customers you find are just local activities.
If you invest money in KU, you will increase considerably the number of jobs you will achieve and then you will also improve as a professional.

From being a semi professional with a second job you can finally dedicate yourself fully to your passion (which will also become a well paid job).

In short you would like:

  • Obtain more customers.
  • A more relaxed work (and life).
  • Use a simpler and more immediate tool.
  • Use a "simple polaroid" rather than a complicated and expensive smartphone (remember our comparison?).
  • Go from semi-professional to be a true projection mapping professional.

Then you have to seriously think about buying our KU.